Biomarker qualification and Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis

Currently, Amoneta Diagnostics Company develops and qualifies some biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic kits. We have already identified different blood biomarkers specific for the pathology. This finding allows screening for Alzheimer’s disease on a simple blood test.
This test is innovative on one hand by its simplicity and on the other hand by its high reliability. This test can detect and follow the disease progression during the pathology (experiments performed on mice models of the disease). One of the biomarker has also been validated by a clinical trial on human. The use of this test should not only improve the patient’s life, but also reduce diagnosis, treatment and care costs.

The company manages industrial test development and will apply its methods to the detection of other neurodegenerative diseases.

Diagnosis kit development

Amoneta Diagnostics’s goal is to develop diagnostic kits for Alzheimer’s disease, for hospital use and pharmaceutical research. This project is a full part of worldwide research for a curative treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Amoneta Diagnostics offers a test to detect and follow the Alzheimer’s pathology, as well as an optimizing method for present and future treatments. The company also provides tools to the pharmaceutical industries involved in drug development and help for patient recruitment during clinical trials.